Ubi™ Energy Management Platform

Enabling all-in-one visibility, control and optimisation of your energy assets

1) Ubi™ gives your business clarity

Data visualisation, reporting and monitoring

Developed to provide a single point of reference for all energy data including solar, battery and grid usage, our Ubi™ Energy Management Platform provides single or multi-site visibility and enables reporting for businesses of any size.

Mondo Ubi™ Management Platform provides:

  • Near real-time energy monitoring
  • Single or aggregated mutli-site data
  • Downloadable historic data to see trends
  • Enable financial and sustainability reporting
  • Identify irregular or abnormal consumption patterns

2) Ubi™ optimises solar

Get the most out your Solar System

Analyse and respond to your energy usage trends and market price fluctuations to save even more money on your electricty bill.

Ubi™ Energy Management Platform allows you to:

  • Adopt energy efficient behaviour by aligning low-cost solar generation with consumption
  • Respond to alerts triggered by high energy prices and peak demand charge thresholds
  • Identify when a battery install is likely to make economic sense
  • Allows solar systems to be installed in zero export or export limited areas

3) Ubi™ optimises batteries

Use even more more low-cost energy

Stored energy opens up a new world of cost saving capabilities - all optimised by Ubi™ Energy Management Platform.


  • Use low-cost, stored solar energy or cheap off-peak grid energy when it holds greatest value
  • Grid outage and battery state-of-charge notifications to implement usage curtailment
  • Activate ‘charge and hold’ to protect against outages or extreme weather events.
  • Opportunity to reduce demand charges via programmed "peak-lopping" functionality

4) Ubi™ prepares you for tomorrow

Access future markets

Mondo is firmly at the forefront of Australia’s energy landscape so you’ll always be ready for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Ubi™ allows you to:

  • Participate in Virtual Power Plants
  • Access to demand response and energy sharing programs
  • Access revenue streams by supporting Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS)

Why every business benefits from Ubi™ Energy Management System

Mondo will support your renewable energy journey from the very first step with industry-leading expertise and technology.

Future Proof

Take advantage of future technology and new market revenue streams

Loaded with features

Support for load control, DRED and more interfaces for future expansion

Export limiting

Learn which assets should be replaced or enhanced

Save Money

Identify opportunities to enhance energy efficiencies

Notification & Alerts

Respond to high energy prices, peak demand charges and grid outage events

24/7 Fault Monitoring

Mondo’s Control Room ensures your system is always working effectively

Speak to an expert.

We work with you to design, build and optimise your energy system to save money and meet your renewable and energy reliability needs.

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