Solar & Battery Energy as a Service

Enhance energy savings by choosing smart solar and battery Power Purchase Agreements

1) Receive a low, fixed per kWh rate

Start saving from day 1 with $0 upfront

Choose a flexible Power Purchase Agreement term during which your business buys fixed, low-cost energy during the day from a Mondo-owned solar and battery system installed at your site - with any excess stored for use when your energy holds greatest value.

To find out how your business can save book a 10 minute consultation during which we’ll chat about your energy goals and what we need from you to provide a quote.

2) Saving optimised battery

Use even more low-cost energy

Optimised battery included so that you can use even more low-cost solar energy - enabled by our unique Ubi™ Energy Management Platform.

Alongside real time data visualisation and reporting, your Ubi™ optimised solar + battery system delivers:

  • Ability to use low-cost, stored solar energy when it holds greatest value
  • Grid outage and battery state-of-charge notifications to implement usage curtailmnent
  • Activate ‘charge and hold’ to protect against outages or extreme weather events.
  • Opportunity to reduce demand charges (non-standard service)

3) Visualise. Take control. Save.

Actively manage your energy

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our Ubi™ Energy Management Platform gives you control over your energy and opens up a world of advanced monitoring and reporting.

Ubi™ allows your business to:

  • View near real-time energy data
  • Adopt energy efficient behaviour by aligning low-cost solar energy with consumption
  • Respond to market events and customised peak demand charge thresholds to save money
  • Identify irregular or abnormal consumption patterns
  • Access demand response programs and Virtual Power Plant opportunities

4) We’ll take care of everything

System install and performance support

The solar and battery system installed at your site will be owned, operated and maintained by Mondo throughout the contract term - with ownership transferred to you at end of term.

Mondo will handle:

  • Installation by our national network of Clean Energy Council Accredited installers
  • High quality system specification
  • 24/7 monitoring of system performance
  • Ongoing system maintenance
  • Ongoing support and identification of improvements to your energy efficiency

Why your business should choose Solar & Battery Energy as a Service

Mondo will support your renewable energy journey from the very first step with industry-leading expertise and technology.

Save Money

Cheap kWh prices and opportunity to enhance energy efficiencies

Reduce exposure to high energy prices

Use stored energy during periods of high market prices

Identify Underperforming Equipment

Learn which assets should be replaced or enhanced

Use More Cheap Solar

Assess the viability of battery storage systems

Notification & Alerts

Respond to high energy prices and peak demand charges

24/7 Fault Monitoring

Mondo’s Control Room ensures your system is always working effectively

Learn more about Solar & Battery Energy as a Service

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