Energy as a Service

Customised and integrated solutions for complex energy systems and needs

1) Developing your energy strategy

Understanding your challenges and goals

Our experts first seek to understand the mechanisms of your unique challenges and opportunities so that we can provide the most valuable solution.

Energy strategy development starts with:

  • Data mining and analysis
  • Site visits and assessments
  • In-house subject matter experts both behind-the-meter and in-front-meter
  • Integrated technology recommendations
  • Developing your business case
  • Supporting your internal business decision making process

2) Delivering your energy strategy

End-to-end project management

Once your project gets the green light, Mondo makes it happen. We provide end-to-end project management with dedicated project teams - ensuring your project is delivered efficiently and reliably.

Mondo’s delivery scope includes:

  • Dedicated project planning and delivery team
  • Financing options
  • Procurement strategy
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Training and handover

3) Supporting your energy strategy

Monitor and optimise

We ensure that your solution continues to add value to your business.

We maximise your investment by:

  • 24/7 performance monitoring
  • Near real-time energy data visualisation
  • Financial and sustainability reporting
  • Customisable peak demand alerts
  • Identifying emerging technology applications
  • Financial and sustainability reporting
  • Future access demand response programs and Virtual Power Plant opportunities

Why your business should choose Energy as a Service

Mondo will support your renewable energy journey from the very first step with industry-leading expertise & technology.

Custom Solutions

We extract the most value by considering a range of options available to you

System design

Incorporating solar and battery storage

Project Delivery

Consultation, design, delivery and finance

Future Proof

Take advantage of future technology and new market revenue streams

Notification & Alerts

Respond to high energy prices and peak demand charges

24/7 Fault Monitoring

Ensuring your system is always working effectively

Speak to an expert.

We work with you to design, build and optimise your energy system to save money and meet your renewable and energy reliability needs.

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